Look— I edit videos for you guys’ entertainment— not for them to be copied and claimed as your own. Seriously, it pisses me off when you download my videos— not to watch them on your iPod, but to reupload or put it into your videos and claim it as your own.

I work so fucking hard for each and every one of them and all you gotta do is download it and pretend like you made it. No credit. No mention of me.

For your entertainment. I do all this for you and this is how you repay me. In a click of a button and can shut down my account and delete all my videos so you won’t be able to download them at all. 

Please don’t do this fucking bullshit. It pisses me off and I will end my editing sidejob if I can’t take it anymore. 

  1. wondy said: Andy I know you work hard and I certainly appreciate it but I hate to see you so upset, it’s always a bit scary :-/ The good thing is now we know another thief and ppl can blacklist/block them
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