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Also Babs looks smokin’ in her civies.

Babs’ hotness? Acknowledged.Dick wishes he could have all of this.  


Also Babs looks smokin’ in her civies.

Babs’ hotness? Acknowledged.
Dick wishes he could have all of this.  


mischievous-acrobats knelt before me as I sat on the iron throne and informed me that: Bruce/Babs/Dick OT3! you are doing a wonderful job!

( Thankyou!! xox )

Robin sat on the balance beam, muttering things under his breath as he watched the un-cowled Batgirl massaging Batman’s shoulders.
"My shoulders could be aching too, you know…” he quietly mumbled.

Anonymous knelt before me as I sat on the iron throne and informed me that: Another Barbara/Jason? I'm feeling a new ship being made (for me anyways) :)

( Alrighty! )
Batgirl violently threw Red Hood at the wall, rushing towards him to pin him against the rough bricks. His helmet was cracked and she could see the blood dripping from his lips. He groaned with pain, failing to admit to defeat as he glanced up at her with a devilish glint in his eyes.

firelordsavvy knelt before me as I sat on the iron throne and informed me that: Babs/Her Keyboard. Andy/Damian. Savvy/Roy. I'm having too much fun with this x3

Babs/Keyboard: Babs stands, glancing down at the keyboard that she once used as the all knowing, Oracle. The memories… the lives she’d saved… The keyboard held so much from her heart…
Savvy/Roy: A girl walks past the scarlet archer, immediately mesmerizing him. Roy is curious and dying to know who she is, pushing through the crowd to find that attractive Asian girl…
ANDY/DAMIAN (HNNG): Robin falls out of the sky, already unconscious with his eyes rolled back. Walking down the street, Andy’s eyes widen as she saw the boy plummet down. She watched, horrified as he landed on top of a parked car, setting off the alarm. Rushing towards him, screaming for someone to call 911, she felt tears stinging in her eyes. She loved this boy… he never knew it. But she didn’t care. She had to get help…

Anonymous knelt before me as I sat on the iron throne and informed me that: Babs/Jason Todd

Drunk and deeply depressed, Jason finds himself mumbling on Oracle’s desk. He painfully blurts out how life has gone downhill ever since his death. Babs grasps onto his hand… telling him how much she understood the feeling…

Cookie baking bitch: Dick Grayson/Babs Gordon Shippers - Why?



I’m writing a post that looks at the relationship of Barbara and Dick. And I have some thoughts. But I don’t think they are going to be too popular. So tell me why you ship them. What makes them a good, hot couple?

I don’t think I’m going to have enough room to answer in…

There is NO word strong enough to describe the relationship between the two. There’s only ONE that today’s world offers, and it is: love. Pure, and utter love. They understand each other, their history is just magnificent and their collision creates beauty. Babs understands what it means to be part of the Bat Family, and she knows how hard it is for Dick like no one else can. She’s there to comfort him, with warm and welcoming arms when he’s had a rough time. Most importantly, she knows when he needs air to breathe. She’s not always in his way, and allows him to seek within himself instead of making him rely on her all the time. Dick adds light to Barbara’s lonely heart. He’s charming, friendly and takes Babs to places in his heart where no one else has. Even though she’s reluctant to admit things, he loosens up the tight knots and helps her to be free. Their fun, sexy, loving and even envious of one another. Like, the time Helena kissed Dick when they were undercover— Babs heard it all and it was obvious that she was jealous. And when Dick came to visit Babs- he was shut into a cupboard by Tim when Ted Kord came. Definitely some envy there.
I could go on and on, explaining why these two are my OTP, but I gotta go eat something :P

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