dc fans are a mix between red lanterns and blue lanterns - burning with blistering rage yet still filled with the hope that dc can’t fuck up any more than they already have

“[T]hey want so badly to be “hard” and “edgy” but most often the results are sour, false and cheap. DC Comics is in danger of becoming the literary equivalent of Axe Body Spray.”

Steve Bennett on DC Comics (via cooltrainershells)

Whoops. Too late.

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CHOOSE YOUR STARTER! Buttons/stickers will be available at AX and spokane comicon, batgirls are next :)

Probably the most badass moment in Son of Batman.



Speedy finished! Down to one! Totally gonna make this a t-shirt and wear it to the walk.



Let’s Tessellate | an oracle fanmix {listen}

"A little over a year has passed since my old life ended, since I died and was reborn. The shadows remain, but only to give contrast to the light. I am no longer a distaff impersonation of someone else — I’m me, more me than I have ever been. I embrace it, and the light, with a deep, continuing joy."

Anonymous gripped me tight, raised me from perdition and whispered: jason/tim instagram/snapchat headcanons? xD




jason sneaks into Tims office in chip n dales attire for an assholey surprise but ends up hiding under a desk when tim isnt actually there and a small meeting is being held, sends for help and gets DENIED


Racebent Dick/Babs because wow I didn’t know I needed it until nowwww


Wally is such an amazing person!!  This takes place right after Barbara and Dick’s breakup (in 2004 continuity), and like the sweet person he is, Wally shows he cares by breaking into Oracle’s clock-tower.  

"Dick’s not alone.  I’m sure Bruce is talking him through his feelings."


Slapping some quick colors on an old drawing because I miss this girl


Slapping some quick colors on an old drawing because I miss this girl


Batman Eternal #2
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